Landscape Design

Transforming Spaces with Expert Landscape Design

Let us sculpt your outdoor space into a stunning landscape masterpiece. Our team of skilled designers focus on crafting functional, visually appealing environments that reflect your personal style and enhance your quality of life. Each design is thoughtfully planned to ensure beauty and sustainability, providing a seamless blend of art and nature.

The perfect solution

increased value

A well-designed landscape significantly increases your property’s market value. Our expert designs not only enhance the visual appeal but also make your outdoor space more attractive to prospective buyers should you choose to sell.


Our landscape designs prioritize eco-friendly practices. We incorporate drought-resistant plants, efficient irrigation systems, and materials that enhance the environment, reducing water usage and maintenance needs.


Every landscape we design is tailored to fit your lifestyle, ensuring that your outdoor space is not only beautiful but also fully functional. We consider everything from traffic flow to entertainment areas, making your garden as usable as it is scenic.

curb appeal

Boost your home’s curb appeal with our professional landscape design services. A well-maintained and thoughtfully designed yard creates a compelling first impression and sets the tone for the rest of your property.

We are the landscaping design experts

For almost 10 years now Outdoor Enhancements Landscaping has been providing the very best in custom-designed landscapes, softscapes, hardscapes, and other types of landscaping in Melbourne, Fl.

We are able to employ the perfect balance of creativity, versatility, and functionality in order to create the yard of your dreams.

It’s about blending natural beauty with the architecture of your home or business, in order to create a cohesive look that compliments all the elements included.

Our exceptional service begins with the initial consultation and a lawn or site analysis.

Environmental benefits

By opting for our landscape design services, you play a vital role in supporting environmental health. Our designs are crafted to reduce water runoff and enhance soil stability, which helps prevent erosion and water pollution. We prioritize biodiversity by incorporating a variety of plant species that support local wildlife and contribute to ecological balance.

Additionally, our thoughtful planning helps in managing local ecosystems effectively, ensuring that each garden or yard contributes positively to its surroundings. Through our services, we create aesthetically pleasing spaces that are not only sustainable but also actively beneficial to the planet.

Functional and useable

Our landscape designs seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality, ensuring every aspect of your garden is crafted for both enjoyment and practical use. We meticulously plan relaxing outdoor living areas that serve as perfect retreats for leisure and social gatherings. Additionally, our designs include functional cooking and dining spaces, turning your garden into an ideal venue for hosting friends and family. By considering the flow of movement and the specific needs of each client, we create landscapes that are not only beautiful but also fully optimized for daily living.

With our thoughtful design approach, your outdoor space will meet all your lifestyle needs, ensuring utility and beauty coexist harmoniously.

Have a beautiful yard

Imagine stepping outside to a beautifully curated garden that not only invites tranquility but also enhances your daily life with its beauty. Our expert landscape designs transform your yard into a cherished extension of your home, perfectly blending with your living spaces to offer a seamless transition. Each design is tailored to provide a sanctuary for relaxation and a vibrant setting for entertainment.

Enjoy the soothing ambiance of lush foliage and harmonious arrangements that make every moment outdoors special. Let us help you create a yard that is not just beautiful but a true reflection of your personal taste and lifestyle.


Stephanie F.

We had a fantastic experience with Outdoor Enhancements! Dan brought our visions to life with expertise and creativity. The crew was diligent and professional. Great guys to work with. Looking forward to our next project with them.

Nancy L.

So VERY happy with the work done by Outdoor Enhancements! From start to finish, professional and tidy. I will definitely call them again when I'm ready for another outdoor project. Thank you, Outdoor Enhancements, for a job well done!

Janet P.

Outdoor Enhancements made my backyard look like a dream! Just what I had envisioned - even better. They were professional and responsive, and I am super pleased by the results and the way my backyard turned out.

Paul M.

We had landscape lights that had been installed by the prior owner of our home. After a couple of years of living with it, there were several lights that needed reinstallation and we wanted to also illuminate the driveway pavers. Dan came out, gave us an estimate and his crew arrived at the end of the week, on time and ready to go. They trimmed the cabbage palms so that they were uniform, reinstalled all tree mounted lights so that the lighting was uniform. Then they added three more lights discreetly placed to under light foliage. When they left, the property was spotless. We couldn't be more pleased. Recommended without hesitation.

Brenton B.

Outdoor Enhancements performed a total landscape design and installation on our yard, including grading the land, coordinating sprinkler installation, wiring and installing uplighting, and placing plants and sod. Their crew was professional and courteous, and I highly recommend them.

Jim L.

I recently had the pleasure of having my old landscaping removed and new landscaping designed and installed by the folks at Outdoor Enhancements. Dan, Doug and team were absolutely FANTASTIC. The quality of the work is beyond our expectations (which were high). The team was extremely professional, talented and friendly. I highly recommend Outdoor Enhancements!!

Bruce M.

Had both side yards replaced with Turf plus putting green on one. Dan was super knowledgeable, the product was on time, on cost, as agreed. Very happy with outcome, no issues.

Janice D.

We are extremely happy with our finished landscaping project. The design team understood and implemented our ideas and was patient. They even came out multiple times before we signed the contract to answer questions in person and walk us through the plans again. The installation crew was professional and completed the project in a timely manner. We would recommend their services to our friends and family.

Tracy S.

Outdoor Enhancements removed the grass from our front yard and replaced it with hardscaping. They helped with the landscaping design and everything came out beautifully. Dan was very nice, helpful, and responsive during the entire process.


The team at Outdoor Enhancements did a great job developing a plan to spiff up my landscaping. They were conscientious about the budget and my desire to utilize native plants. Doug and Trevor did a great job installing everything. They even made sure I knew how to care for it afterwards. They did a great job cleaning up afterwards too. Definitely would use them again.

Lorna F.

Landscape Lighting, tree with shrubs. I was very impressed with the lighting. I was a lighting designer for years in Maryland and the quality , workmanship and the professionalism was impeccable.

Daniel C.

Dan and team did a great job. Trustworthy and quick to address any issues. You get what you pay for in life, quality matters and these guys are worth it.

Wyatt H.

Dan and his team were great from start to finish, I was very impressed with his knowledge of native/Florida-friendly plants and how landscaping impacts the lagoon. All this knowledge put to work in making our yard look great. Would recommend Outdoor Enhancements for any landscape, paver, turf, lighting project if you value quality, prompt service with great communication.

Alexis H.

Wonderful experience with Outdoor Enhancements! They helped us give our backyard the “glow up” it desperately needed. Extremely professional; they delivered a quality product that exceeded our expectations. Would absolutely recommend!

Joey Y.

Dan and his team did a great job with my backyard. He was responsive and timely, it was just over a week from the time I first contacted to when they finished the job. Dan came to my house a couple times to help design our landscape and worked with me to get the project done within my budget. Totally satisfied with his service, thanks Dan.

Melanie W.

Dan, Doug and team were very accommodating!! They allowed me to make some adds and change some details in the moment to make sure I was satisfied. We got exactly what we’re hoping for! Not only that, they were really fast when they performed the work. Everything looks professional and gorgeous! Thank you!!

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